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passion - photography

The moment. The moment as the birth of chapters. A wish or the mainspring of work. Guess both. Searching strange locations, greedy for the millisecond that catches his wish. The moment. The moment of passing by the receding light, your opposite's words dying away, the anxious glance of a girl in the street. Moments for life. Role of a Lifetime.

The Series "en passant" is picking moments of Tim Patrick Huether's work to translate his inspiration. Catching your glimpse to tell an effecting story. Passing his pieces could be like having a daydream. Moments for Life en passant.

Tim Patrick Huether was born into a family of an architect and a hotel specialist in Germany. He discovered his passion, during an internship in photography and developing, at the age of 18. He attended the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart/Germany, receiving his diploma in communication design. Sinje Dillenkofer and Bernhard J. Widmann tought him in the field of photography. When he started the “en passant” series, he used the famous Minox B. Today, for better quality, all other analog formats. He prefers to work in black and white, and using available light.

solo exhibitions

September 2022 - January 2023 "Aus der Vergangenheit" - huginn - Stuttgart
September 2019 "en passant" - consafos - Stuttgart
January-February 2014 "vergangen sein ewig" - Bildraum 01 - Vienna
June-August 2011 - Max Lui - Kassel
July-August 2009 - KSK/Schillerplatz - Ludwigsburg
November-February 2008/2009 "en passant" - Dreipunkt International/stilwerk - Stuttgart
March-April 2008 "en passant" - a faire a suivre - St Maur des Fosses
October 2007 “en passant” - le triton - Les Lilas

group exhibitions

October 2021 - Salon d'Automne - Paris
October 2021 - Galerie Strzelski - Stuttgart
May-November 2019 - Salon d'Automne - Xi'an
October 2018 - Salon d'Automne - Paris
September 2014 - Artwalk3 - Schloss Solitude
May 2013 - Artwalk2 - Stuttgart
October 2012 - Artwalk - Stuttgart
May-June 2010 “Lust2010”- 1.Bazonnale - Weimar


le triton, a faire a suivre pdf-catalog (16.3 MB)
stories pdf-catalog (3.5 MB)
dreipunkt international pdf-catalog (1.2 MB)
Bildraum 01 pdf-catalog (2.2 MB)

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